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Ryan "Playboy" Scope is a member of the Bad Boy team. His professional MMA record is 4-0-0. The youngster fights in the Welterweight division and is from the United Kingdom on team Nx Gen Vale Tudo.

Weighing in at 170 lbs. and standing 5'11", Ryan was fighting as an amateur in 2006. His first fight was a win against Shawn Fells, submission by armbar.

September 20 of the same year he fought in Total Combat 17 against Tim Close and won three minutes into the third round by unanimous decision.

In November, he faced off with Krissy Glover for Total Combat 18 and won via judge's decision.

A loss would come when he was defeated by James Saville by submission in Total Combat 19, February of 2007 but one year later he defeated Josh Williams at Strike and Submit 5.

Ryan then went semi-pro, first taking on Dale Russell in July of 2008. He won by submission via triangle in the first round. He also won against Kieron Keigher November 1, 2008 in Ultimate Force Nemesis.

The only loss of his semi-professional career came by way of Pete Hill and was due to a corner stoppage in round two at Total Combat 28.

He ended his semi-pro fighting with a win against Ethan Beaumont in Kamikaze MMA 1 on July 20, 2009 via judge's decision in the third round.

In February of 2010, Ryan went pro. Total Combat 33 was his fist bout and was against Russell Burns. He won early in the first round, submission by rear naked choke hold.

Strike and Submit 14 took place in May of 2010. Up against Daniel Park, Ryan won one minute and fifty-three seconds into the first round by submission via rear naked choke hold.

Once again he would win by rear naked choke hold submission and again in the first round. It was at Total Combat 36 on September 18, 2010 against James Mair.

On February 26, 2011, Scope took on Scott Ward at On Top 1: Celtic Park. The fight moved to the ground right off, with Scope attempting to finish a guillotine and a triangle in round one. Both fighters displayed ground skills but Ryan took the fight by TKO one minute and thirty-five seconds into round 2.

What does Ryan wear?

He wears Atama as seen in the photo and the Bad Boy brand as well.

Ryan Scope is said to be one of MMA's hottest new prospects and by the looks of things, it certainly appears he is going to remain On Top!

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