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How Does BJ Penn Get Fit?
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MMA Crossfit

The name BJ Penn is popular in the MMA world as is his success in the sport. It has been nothing short of legendary.

So how does he get the solid skills needed to succeed in MMA?

While many different training factors come together to develop his training program, his involvement in regular CrossFit is part of his base level fitness.

crossfit mma CrossFit is growing immensely in popularity among MMA fighters and with good reason:

MMA CrossFit Delivers Results

Many MMA fighters are taking up Crossfit. Crossfit has swept the nation.

This should not come as much of a surprise since the need for a high level of strength, conditioning, and endurance is a must for competitors interested in achieving peak performance when they enter into a mixed martial arts event.

A Base Program

crossfit mma MMA Crossfit is the base. You'll need to work on your skills and techniques, but for your fitness, MMA Crossfit is great.

Crossfit is a good fitness base because it is short and intense.

By doing a 20 minute workouts that makes you want to puke, you'll gain fitness and then you'll be able to train in your techniques.

So one of the #1 benefits is decreasing your strength and conditioning time so you can work on your MMA skills.

So the question becomes: Does cutting down training time hurt my fitness base.

No! MMA Crossfit is very intense and works on functional fitness. To check out all the particulars and all the benefits of Crossfit just go to Crossfit.

Probably the best benefit to a CrossFit workout is that it delivers a complete and total body workout in a short amount of time. This means it hits the lower body muscles, the core muscles, and the upper body muscles.

Does it really deliver?

crossfit mma CrossFit remains one of the very best exercise programs you could take part in.

I've been Crossfitting for 2 years and it never gets old!

If you want to get into fantastic shape, increase your strength, and develop and overall sense of full body fitness, this is for you!

For MMA fighters looking to get an edge on the competition and expand their performance, CrossFit is a brilliant workout strategy to utilize.

Will I Suffer From A Shorter Workout?

You want all your muscles groups to function at peak performance and CrossFit helps contribute to this process.

In addition to building functional strength, CrossFit also helps practitioners develop muscular endurance, plymetric explosion, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Needless to say, all of these attributes can contribute to becoming a top-notch MMA fighter. Every one of these attributes is a must to succeed in competition. CrossFit aids in developing these attributes to a very high degree. crossfit mma

A 20-minute high intensity CrossFit interval workout will deliver results. The key, however, is to make sure you do not undermine these results with lifestyle activities that run contrary to the goals you are seeking.

For example, if you have a poor diet high in processed foods, you will not get as much out of the workout program as someone who watches his/her diet.

Again, you want to be sure you complement your workout sessions with an overall healthy lifestyle that aids in providing you with the most benefit.

Weekly Duration

In terms of weekly duration, it would be helpful to perform a CrossFit Program 3-5 times a week.

crossfit mma In reality, MMA athletes that takes part in a CrossFit workout will get a great deal of benefit out of it. You just need to be motivated and consistent. Your body will take care of the rest.

Crossfit is booming

The popularity of CrossFit training extends far beyond the MMA realm. Competitors of all manner of sports employ CrossFit training as a reliable means of getting into better shape.

They even have the Crossfit games now, where people from all over the world compete.


As for equipment, you can do Crossfit with much makeshift equipment, basically improvise, but a few key pieces of equipment will make life easier.

Each of the links below takes you to a page about the equipment and tells you how to purchase it at a low price.

pull up bar

A pull up bar is a must unless you have a good tree branch, but that is easy. I found that for around $20 and free shipping. A weighted vest is really nice, but a backpack with weights or beans in it works well too. This is what I choose to do.

10 lb XL Hyper Vest PRO

weight vest40 lb Vest from Fighterwarehouse
The medicine ball is not that expensive so I'd pony up for that, but you can also fill a basketball with sand or use a weight plate for some of the exercises.

I like the medicine ball so I do have one of those for my training.

Kettle-bells are great to work with. Those are one of my favorite workouts. I'd invest in a kettle-bell just because I like it.

But, you can use a dumbbell to accomplish almost all of the exercises.

Something new is sand bells. They fit in nicely too.

Filled Sandbell 40lb

From: Hyper Wear LLC

For MMA specific kettlbell training, you can go here. This is just kettlebells. I use kettlebells weekly and have had good results with my fitness and strength.

crossfit mma

To get the workout of the day just head on over to crossfit. You can workouts free everyday!

But if you want MMA specific techniques try these guys.

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