Century Kid Kick Wavemaster


Throughout my years in the martial arts, I have noticed one of the most popular pursuits for children as a hobby is the martial arts. That is great since I am a teacher!

Of course, in order to develop skill in martial arts it becomes necessary to invest a bit of practice time in the art of choice.

For most Kids, Tae Kwon Do is probably the most common art undertaken. This means the need to develop skill in kicking is very important and that means you need to purchase a good kicking training equipment item for your Kids(s) to practice on.

Kids Punching Bags

An excellent product is the Kid Kick. It from Century and may also be know as Kids Kick Wavemaster.

The Kids punching bag called the Kids Kick is designed to provide a solid bag that young ones can have a good workout. If you child is over the age of 9 or a heavy hitter. I recomend getting a larger wavemaster bag.


One of the main problems with providing a young child with an actual amateur boxing bag is that the heavy leather bag can cause injuries on the bones of the child. Again, this is because a traditional boxing bag is not designed for Kids's training. As such, a safer alternative is needed.

I have noticed some manufacturers go in the complete opposite direction and have designed bags filled with air. Such bags are not helpful at all in terms of delivering an effective training tool.

These bags are not effective training tools. Sure, they are safe to train on but they do not present the quality needed to improve skill. With the Kids Kick Wavemaster, enough resistance is provided that quality kicking can be derived from training sessions.


As the name implies, the Kids Kick Wavemaster has been manufactured in such a way that its dimensions are perfect for a child to practice on.

The adult version of the Wavemaster is designed for someone of adult weight and weight. With the Kids's version, the Wavemaster has been properly scaled down so that someone who is not adult size can get the most out of the workout.

For those that want their children to get the most out of their martial arts training, the Kids Kick Wavemaster is definitely one of the very best products you could purchase. It is designed properly and with high quality.

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black belt
black belt
black belt
My son is an 11 year old black belt. If you have questions about kids martial arts just ask.

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