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Bad Boy Jeremy Scheepers was born on July 9, 1982. He is in the Light Heavyweight division and has a record of 4-6. His trainer is Rod Young and his club is the Black Dragon.

In a Bad Boy interview, Scheepers told a little about himself. "Well where to start," he began. "I would say I am a nice guy, but who loves to get in the ring and do damage.

I am not even sure about my fighting record, all that counts is that there are more wins than losses. As for my fighting style, it depends on who I am fighting so I would have to say every style. I can throw big leather and mix it up on the ground with some huge takedowns.

I train under father and son Rod Young and Clinton Young from the Black Dragons of East London, South Africa."

When asked his thoughts about his future in MMA in South Africa, Jeremy commented, "In the past 7 years I've been fighting in the MMA, the sport has continued to grow in leaps and bounds with every passing fight night so I think there is a bright future for all MMA fighters, old and new."

Jeremy's first fight was on February 26, 2005 at AFC-All or Nothing. He fought and lost against Neil Henegan due to TKO (punches).

His second fight went better. Up against Wade Henderson in EFCA-Extreme Fighting Championship Africa 1, he won TKO via doctor stoppage.

Then came Fight Force 3-King of the Cage in Durban, South Africa on December 3, 2009 against Jacques Joubert. Jeremy won via TKO by punches.

Fight Force 4 would be a winner for Sheepers as well when in February of 2010 he defeated Magiel Opperman by submission (choke).

scheepersFight Force 5, however was no so good for Jeremy though. Paul van Vuuren defeated him by submission due to rear naked choke in the first round, breaking two of Jeremy’s ribs in the process.

Fight Force 6 and 7 were disappointing too. Once again facing off with a rematch with van Vuuren in FF6, Jeremy lost by way of submission then lost to James Rennie via TKO in FF7.

But he was back at his game for Fight Force 11-Aftermath on January 30, 2011 when he enjoyed a victory over Danie van Heerden by submission.

On March 3, 2011, Scheepers fought Sascha Ernst in XFC Africa-Fight Club 5 but lost via submission (armbar).

Scheepers admits that one of his favorite things about MMA is bringing arrogant guys down to size. Looks like he has his work cut out for him.

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