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Century Freestanding Bag Base Cover


If you have or plan to get a BOB, BOB XL, Wavemaster or Wavemaster XXL, you are going to want to protect your investment from the elements and from everyday wear and tear.

This freestanding bag base cover keeps your base clean. If you don't cover you base, it is naturally going to get dusty and dirty. It's inevitable. When the dust settles, let's face it, even the cleanest workout areas leave something to be desired. There is always going to be a certain amount of dirt, dust and sweaty grime that lingers in a training room.

If your freestanding bag base is too clean, chances are you are slacking on your workout in which case, it is just collecting dust so you still need to cover it.

Even with your base covered when it is not in use, it will still need some freshening up. While cleaners in aerosol cans are convenient, they aren't always the best option when it comes to cleaning plastic, believe it or not.

And, many people assume that glass cleaner in a can or spray bottle is safe to use on plastic but while the damage may not be seen right away, aerosol can products will often cause the plastic to begin pitting. Over time, this will leave the your base with a mottled appearance that just doesn't look very clean no matter how often or how well you clean it. When cleaning your base, make it a point to use plastic cleaner products and of course, to cover your stand when it's not in use.

That being said, the base not only helps to keep your base clean, it also has a nonslip, skid resistant bottom that provides a secure placement for the bag.

The nonslip underneath makes for optimum grip so it wont slide around. This feature is especially nice when you keep your freestanding punching bag out like I do. I often workout in the Family Room at my house and just roll my BOB XL into the corner. My son and his friends are intrigued by the lifelike mannequin and whop him around a bit.

You can also keep your Wavemaster Bag Bases covered. Martial Arts teachers take pride in keeping the dojo area clean. No student wants to take lessons from a dirty dojo where germs lurk and dust flies! And they certainly don't want Wavemasters sliding around when not in use so the grip comes in handy for sure.

For me, it's a minimal investment to protect equipment, at home or at the dojo.

The Freestanding Bag Base Cover is not only practical for keeping your base clean, it looks nice and is convenient to use. The net goes around the side of the base and has a drawstring at the top. The cover fits all freestanding punching bags such as BOBs and Wavemasters and comes in black.
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Bob Base - $50.00
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