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We are out to name THE BEST MMA Shorts!

Fight shorts are typically required in the ring.

Fighting Shorts
UFC Ground Game Fight Shorts

Fighting Shorts
UFC Electric Jon "Bones" Jones 145 Fight Shorts

Fighting Shorts
SPRAWL Fusion II Fight Shorts

Fighting Shorts
SPRAWL Fusion II Woodland Camo Fight Shorts (EXCLUSIVE)

Fighting Shorts
Sprawl V-Flex XT - Split Seam Black

Fighting Shorts
Sprawl Fusion Short, White/Blk/Camo

MMA promotions require that males wear shorts and no shirt and that females wear shorts and a sports bra or tight shirt.

Shorts worn in a fight need to be flexible and durable and a little flair and style doesn't hurt either. Thus, in addition to classic MMA shorts, MMA shorts are casual shorts available to the public.

They also need to stretch throughout the groin and not be binding.

In general, shorts are worn in the ring when fighting and can be used for training and MMA shorts are for casual wear or training. Crossfitters especially wear these shorts.


MMA shorts come in various styles. The different type shorts not only serve different purposes, they are a matter of personal taste as well.


Board shorts are one type of MMA fight short. They are along the lines of a swim suit. There are also shorts that extend halfway down the thigh and those that feature slits in the sides of the legs called gladiator shorts.

Shorts also come in styles specific for various martial art forms such as Muay Thai shorts and boxing shorts.


No matter which type of shorts you choose, they will need to fit comfortably or you simply will not wear them. Being comfortable also helps you train better and fight more effectively.

It is hard to concentrate with a wedgie! Even if you are wearing the shorts casually, if they don't feel good, they will just collect dust in your closet or gym bag. Looks may not be everything but they are important.

How you feel about what you are wearing can help set your confidence in the gym, in the ring and even at the mall. Let your individuality shine by choosing shorts that you really like the looks of.


No matter how cool and comfortable the shorts are, if the aren't made well, you wont be wearing them long. Don't throw your money away; buy high quality merchandise. Not only are there lots of styles of MMA shorts, there are lots of brands as well.


TapouT, Sprawl, Warrior Wear, UFC, Jaco and Century are all popular brands.

A quality brand that is lesser know in the USA is Kwon. They are based out of Germany, so not quite as popular here, but they are very high quality MMA fight shorts

And even if you never hit the gym or climb into the ring, if you are an MMA fan, you may like to kick it in MMA shorts.

Whichever category you fall into, be sure to choose great quality shorts that fit comfortably and look absolutely awesome while doing so!

We gave you some links of some places that do not have the same styles as ours.

We just did a new review on the program TapouT XT.

CJ our staff writer was so impressed he is buying one. Check out what he found out.

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