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This is one of the best brands in Muay Thai, though not near as popular as other brands.

That is a shame though, as it is great quality.

High Quality

The quality of the clothing in the line is among the very best in the business. It compares to UFC and Sprawl in quality.

The Name

fairtex The name derives from the Thai fighter Jongsanan Fairtex who was one of the greatest national champions in The Land of Smiles.

While he was once known for his top fight camps in Thailand, the popularity of the training center in San Francisco, CA has truly established the name in the western world.

This solid establishment of the name has aided in the growth of the popularity of this clothing.

Keep in mind, the name alone will only take clothing so far. Whether you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, kickboxing fight shortsfairtex, or MMA fighter apparel, you can rest assured, they are rock solid.

Unlike some of the brand names found in several retail stores, these items are specifically designed for use by fighters.

They only put out high quality items and those looking for serious fight wear will feel quite confident if you purchase the company's apparel.

Training Fighters

fairtex Part of the reason is they provide such excellent fight wear is that the gym has been involved in training fighters for many decades.

Some of the newer members in the fight apparel realm originated in music or skateboarding circles.

Such experience definitely factors into the ability to deliver a solid finished product. You can see this experience in the design of the slick designs which is why this clothing is so popular.

That is why scores of champions in the realm of boxing, kickboxing, and MMA are known to wear and use this apparel, gear, and equipment.

You really can't go wrong using anything with this Muay Thai brand name on it. The name has become legendary for many reasons. Quality, look, and durability are among the many reasons.

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