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A Review of Combat Sports Gloves

Combat Sports Gloves
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Combat Sports Gloves
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Combat Sports Gloves
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Combat Sports Gloves
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Combat Sports Gloves

I noticed there is a trend in MMA circles that people are looking towards purchasing Combat Sports Gloves. And why shouldn't they?

Many top MMA fighters wear these particular gloves and rave about their value and benefit. With such recommendations, you cannot be dismissive of these valuable and high quality gloves. And no, that is not an overstatement. These gloves are built to last and provide good protection.

I check out a lot of the MMA gloves that are released because I want to get you the best glove for your dollar.

No serious fighter or even hobbyist should make a purchase of MMA gloves without seriously looking at the gloves and ascertaining their quality. With these you are getting quality. They are durable gloves that can protect your hands and prevent errant injuries.

You also want to be sure the gloves you purchase are built to last. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a pair of MMA gloves that flat out do not last long and wear out after a few times of use. Bottom lines these gloves will last.

Types of Gloves

One of the benefits to using Combat Sports Gloves is that they offer different types of gloves based on your needs. There are high end gloves for the ring and then scaled down ones for day to day use in training. This concept is not revolutionary as boxing has always offered ring gloves and gym gloves. However, most MMA glove manufacturers only offer one style of (expensive) gloves.

With this name brand, you do have the option of purchasing a less expensive training glove that will certainly handle the rigors of gym time training. That means your gloves will certainly last which is definitely an attribute you would want in a decent pair of gloves.


The high end $80 gloves will generally deliver everything you would want in an actually bout. For your training sessions in the gym, stick with those gloves that fall into the $50 range. There are a few ‘budget' gloves offered by the company. Unless you are really strapped for cash, it would be best to stay away from those gloves that have a rock bottom price.

Why is this so? Mainly, you cannot cut costs that dramatically without cutting quality. As such, it is advised to stick with those gloves that are higher in price and effectively manufactured.

Training Caution

One thing to be careful about these gloves is their completely finger free design. It might be possible for an errant injury to occur when you do not effectively close your fingers. Don't lose sight of this fact or else you might not be pleased with the results.

In general, the quality and durability of Combat Sports Gloves are most definitely of a high quality. Those training and competing would definitely benefit from purchasing a pair of these excellent combat gloves.

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