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Century Sparring Gear is a great addition to the students sparring gear. I recommend it for my students.

The quality is excellent, the durability cannot be beat and it looks sleek and stylish as well.

Mine Century gear held up about 5 year, which is a lot for foam.

First on the list is the P2 headgear. The open-face construction offers protection without interference, maximizing peripheral vision and doubling up on impact areas.

There are special pressure-released channels that integrate into the ear area to protect even further. It is made with 7/8" dipped foam making it lightweight and comfortable. An adjustable chin strap fastens conveniently with hook and loop closure. The aerodynamic technology is not only effective, it looks great too.

Available in Child, Youth, Adult Small, Medium/Large and Extra Large, the headgear comes in red, blue, black, white and pink.

You can purchase with or without the face mask, which is now mandatory is some competitions.

Next up is the P2 Articulated Finger Glove. This glove features articulated fingers with individual finger loops and full-finger coverage but still allows easy fist-making action. The glove padding extends up the arm while split padding around the wrist permits articulation.


Sizes: Child; Youth; Adult S, M/L, XL Colors: Red, Black, or Blue

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