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You may not think that you have a reason to box, much less buy boxing gloves. Chances are though...that you are wrong!

Even if you are stictly into MMA and have no plans to box, buying boxing gloves can still be a good base for the mixed martial artist. Boxing can greatly improve your power and your punching techniques as well.

Cross training can benefit your cardio as well. While you are punching the heavy bag, you are building your cardiovascular system which has saved the day in the ring for many MMA fighters.

Many top fighters train at Boxing and Muay Thai based academys. Renzo Gracie, world renown Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and instructor, not only teaches boxing at his gym, he integrates it into his Muay Thai teaching as well and compares the use of Thai pads to the use of focus mitts in boxing.

Boxing consists of so much more than throwing and blocking punches. There are many levels of advanced techniques and it is a physically taxing sport as well.

Boxing has been around a long time and most every MMA fighter can learn something from it.

Some of the best boxers in MMA are thought to be Vitor Belfort, Junior Dos Santos and Anderson Silva.

Clearly, a mixed martial artist can do well by learning the ins and outs of boxing and even incorporating some of the moves into the gym and even in the ring.


buy boxing gloves

If you're going to box, you'd better learn how to do the "boxer's handshake" or, fist bump.

The fist bump is a customary ritual practiced among boxers that is much like the handshake, dap or "high five". It is considered inapporpriate and downright rude to reject a fist bump. The "boxer's handshake" is just good sportsmanship.

Though the origin of the fist bump is not completely clear, it was definitely established by the late 1960's and early 70's.

The "boxer's handshake" is generally done with gloves on but can be done without gloves as well. The person initiating the handshake extends his arm out like he would for a normal handshake, except making a fist instead.

The recipeint then taps the top of the fist of the initiator with his fist. The boxing handshake is not limited to boxers.

Chicago Bulls basketball player, Michael Jordanbuy boxing gloves made the greeting quite popular in the 1990's when he began a ritual in which, ever game, he would cover his hands with talcom powder and clap his hands to release the powder onto the announcers. Not wanting to risk the powder coming off while shaking hands, he would then offer the "boxer's handshake" to all opponents on the court.

The fist bump was also used between President Obama and his wife in 2008 during an election campaigne. The move was characterized by Fox news as "a terrorist fist jab" and the gesture became known as "The Fist Bump Heard 'Round the World."

Indeed the "boxer's shake" had humble beginnings that no doubt originated out of convenience (try shaking hands with boxing gloves on). But the fist bump has become a household gesture certainly not limited to use in the ring.


According to a book written by margaret Power (199), The fist bump orignaated to teh animal kingdom as a gesture amoung primates.


Tomas Feasby (University of Calgar) usggested the the fist bump was a great replacement to the handshake, why was this?- TO PREVENT TRANSMISSION OF THE VIRUS DURING THE 2009 H1N1 PANADEMIC.

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