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UFC Leather Heavy Bag Gloves

buy bag gloves

If you are going to train with a heavy bag, you will need to buy bag gloves. And not just any gloves but a great pair. Even GSP wears bag gloves as pictured to the left.

Why buy bag gloves? There are many benefits to wearing bag gloves.

Bag gloves are cushioned so they will protect you against the heavy impacts that can come from punching heavy bags and striking pads. They have wrist support and more compact, dense padding that regular gloves so they offer much more protectioin against injury.

You will even find some bag gloves with a grip bar built into the glove.

It is critical that you do not use bag gloves for sparring. They are much too light and you will no doubt injure your partner, especially if the gloves have a grip bar.


buy bag gloves

There are various styles and each have their benefits. It is worth doing your homework to look for the right one for your needs when you buy Bag Gloves.

Heavy Bag Gloves are, as the name implies, for use on the Heavy Bag. Generally these come in 12, 14 and 16 ounce weights and are generously padded.

It is very important to purchase a great quality glove if you are going to use it on the Heavy Bag and if you want it too last, and you do a lot of work on the bag.

We carry a large assortment of Bag Gloves in our store like the Bag Glove, an excellent choice for quality and price. It has injected-molded foam for maximum protection and also has a moisture wicking palm which is wonderful to prevent sweaty palms.

buy bag gloves
Our Century Leather Wrap Bag Glove is our most popular bag glove.

Available in both men and women styles, this glove has a unique wrap design that maximizes support in the wrist area.

It is constructed of top grain leather so it is built to last and has a cushioned center palm grip and grip bar. In addition there are Foam padded inserts at points of contact.

buy bag gloves

UFC is one of the most famous brands in MMA. Their products are excellent.

The UFC Leather Heavy Bag Glove is top of the line. It is fantastic for training on the Heavy Bag and since it is made of genuine leather, it will hold up to all you can dish out.

This is one of the best looking Heavy Bag Gloves and is 100% quality as well. It is available in 12, 14 and 16 ounce options.

If you are strapped for cash, here are a few of our Bag Gloves that wont cost you an arm and a leg. The Century Vinyl Bag Glove is fantastic for light bag workouts and cardio exercise.

It is made of a high tech vinyl and features a palm grip for accurate punches. It also has a moisture-absorbing liner. The Century Open Thumb Glove is another inexpensive glove. It is very lightweight and has an open thumb design for comfort and fingers which helps prevent hand fatigue.

buy bag gloves buy bag gloves

buy bag gloves,
Revgear makes a Leather Bag Glove that is ideal for use with the speed bag and double-end bag, heavy bag or focus mitts. It is quite versaltile and Revgear is a name that can be trusted.

buy bag gloves
Another fine pair they carry is the Combat Sports Gel Super Bag Gloves.

State of the art high tech gel reduces shock impact with a combination of foam and gel are strategically positioned at the knuckles so you can give the bag all you've got without hesitation.

The gloves are made of leather so they will last and a hook & loop closure make them quick and convenient to get on and off. These are available exclusively in 12 ounces.

buy bag gloves
Bad Boy has a great pair of Bag Gloves that have 5 full layers of foam to protect you to the max. Bad Boy is a well established brand we have grown to trust for great quality.

These fine gloves not only offer protection but comfort as well as they are precurved and constructed of soft leather that breaks in very easily. These are available in sizes 12, 14, 16 and 18 ounce.

If you're wanting comfort and protection in one great glove, these are perhaps the ones for you!

buy bag gloves
MMA Outlet has a nice selection of quality Bag Gloves such as these Everlast Combat Sports MMA Bag Gloves.

With genuine leather construction and a comfortable palm grip bar, these gloves are perfect for serious bag and mitt work. The knuckle feature multi-layers of foam for ultimate protection.

Find even more well made Bag Gloves at MMA Outlet.

Regardless of which pair you find are the best fit for you, do be sure to buy Bag Gloves for your bag and mitt training that will provide you with ultimate protection allowing you to concentrate on the project at hand...an optimal workout!

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