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stretching machine

KWON Stretching Machine
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Flexibility: It Is Vital for MMA

stretching machine
Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine

stretching machine
LifeSpan Fitness SP1000 Stretch Partner Stretching Machine

stretching machine
Pro Leg Stretcher

stretching machine
Ideal Stretch Hamstring Stretching Device with DVD

stretching machine
Solo Stretch

stretching machine

stretching machine
Leg Stretcher

stretching machine
Pro Leg Stretcher by Tiger Claw

I cannot stress the importance of stretching enough.

To read about how to stretch we have a great article. You risk serious injury when you do not stretch properly plus, it optimizes your training.

You will be more flexible after a good stretch and loosen up your leg, back, arm, shoulder and hip muscles. It is a good time to psych up too.

This portable leg stretcher by Kwon features a central traction that is adjustable. It has two leg extensions and a grip padded with soft foam rubber.

Kwon products are of good quality and are affordable as well so I highly recommend this product to help you stretch those muscles.

Stretching is going to keep you from getting injured not to mention helping you kick taller opponents in the head!

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