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martial arts bag
martial arts bag
Barrel Bag

martial arts bag
Mesh Tote Bag

martial arts bag
Title Boxing MMA Deluxe Equipment Bag, Black

martial arts bag
TMAS Mesh Bag

martial arts bag
BOLD DELUXE SQUARE GEAR BAG Martial Arts equipment bag Color Black

martial arts bag
Round Martial Arts Bag w/ Karate Logo

martial arts bag
Martial Arts Sports Bag

martial arts bag
Round Martial Arts Bag w/ Kenpo Karate Logo

martial arts bag
Revgear Mesh Duffel Bag

martial arts bag
R2C Team Gear Bag for Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, Martial Arts

I love this cool backpack. It has places to stash everything you will need for your workout or martial arts classes and more! There are spots to put your laptop, mouthpieces and even a supply of juice boxes. Tote your water bottle upright in the elastic pocket. The main compartment measures 18"x10"x8" with the internal laptop pocket being 10"x9.5"x1.5". It is constructed out of polyester and has an ergonomic padded shoulder harness with sternum strap for carrying with ease and features hideaway straps as well. There are fleece lined pockets for sunglasses or sound equipment. It has 7 zippered pockets in all.


martial arts bag

Talk about stash spots, this gear bag is loaded with them! With the GurlFytrz logo printed on the bag, it is indeed stylish. It has a spot for a laptop, mouthpieces and enough space for 60 juice boxes. The main compartment is 18"x10"x8" and the internal laptop pocket is 10"x9.5"x1/5". It is a good idea to measure your laptop to make sure it will fit in the pocket. Made of Polyester, the bag has an ergonomic shoulder harness that is padded as is the back straps. It has a vertical sternum strap, and hideaway straps and a fleece-lined sunglass/sound pocket. There are 7 zippered pockets in all plus a handy elastic water bottle pocket.

GurlFytrz TOTE

This tote bag has the GurlFytrz logo on the black fabric and has a pocket for a cell phone on the removable shoulder strap. It is expandable too.

martial arts bag


martial arts bag

If you want to go with a simple bag, this one is as simple and lightweight as they get. The mesh netting will keep your gear from mildewing when wet and allows your sweaty gear to air out. The meshing is tight enough to keep your gear from falling out. It measures 28"x18" and has a locking drawstring closure.


martial arts bag

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet serviceable bag, this one fits the bill. It is all black with a cell phone pocket on the removable shoulder strap and is expandable as well. For the price, this one is a nice bag.


martial arts bag

This black embroidered gear bag has great storage and sturdy construction and so you can display your affliction in pride. It features a main compartment and a double-zippered opening along with two red side pockets. It has a inner pocket for handy storage of small items and measures 26"x12"x12.5.


martial arts bag

This embroidered gear bag is red, white and blue and has great storage space and sturdy construction as well. The bold embroidery proudly displays your affliction. Each bag features a spacious main compartment that sports a double zipper opening with two side compartments plus a handy inner pocket for smaller items. It measures 26"x12"x12.5".


This Kenpor Gear Bag is an official Ed Parker complete with registered trademark logo that looks great. It has a protective lined inside and is constructed of sturdy nylon. There are two vented zippered compartments and one zippered pouch inside one of the compartments. The Kenpro Gear Bag has a padded shoulder strap with a cell phone pouch on it and measures 26"x11"x13".


martial arts bag

I like this bag for competition and traveling. It is spacious and converts into a backpack. It is constructed of nylon so it is sturdy and has 3 handy zipper pockets for storage. The bag comes in small or large. Small measures 24"x12"x12" while large is 30"x13"x14".

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