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Hayabusa Pro Training Chest Protector

chest protector
Bad Boy Pro Series Chest Protector

chest protector
P2 Chest Guard

Sometimes a kicking shield is not enough, you need a chest guard too. KWON, TigerClaw, Adidas all have answers for that problem. It is a popular solution and, in fact, is now a bestseller.

It's a blend between a regular chest guard and a kicking shield. It is thick like a kicking shield so it absorbs the shock of punches and kicks and it is worn like a chest guard. It can withstand very high impact training sessions.

Used by pros everyewhere, the chest protector is excellent for partner training. You can use it to improve you kicking abilities on a partner without risk of injury and you don't have to worry about having to hold a body shield in your hands.

Make sure the one you are buying is easy to put on and off. If your child has to do it without you, check that out before you purchase. As an intructor this is a nice hands free way to pracitce.

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