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Adidas Kick Boxing Shoes
Get a Grip

Adidas Kick Boxing Shoes will help you optimize your skills and take your game to the next level. State-of-the-art construction goes into every style of shoe so you can perform at your very best.

Kick Boxing is a martial art that consists of stand-up kicks and punches. In order to deliver kicks and punches and to avoid your opponent's attempts, you will need to get a grip. If you slip and fall, you cannot kick and certainly cannot win the fight.

Kick Boxing has roots from ancient Indochinese Martial Arts like Muay Boran which developed into the art of Muay Thai we know today. Kick Boxing has since become wildly popular in the United States and, combined with wrestling and other grappling based sports, played a big part in the development of Mixed Martial Arts as we know it today.

Even training with mma equipment requires secure footing like the Wavemaster XXL with Scoring Zones which is a popular piece of workout equipment for avid Kick Boxers.

That is exactly why Adidas Kick Boxing Shoes feature great-grip skip-free soles.

In this full-contact sport, the martial artists wear shorts and protective gear like a mouth-guard, hand-wraps, boxing gloves (10 oz.), groin-guard and some choose to wear shin-pads, kick-boots, and a protective helmet. As in any sport, the better the quality of euqipment you use, the more effective they will be to maximize your skills.

As stated before, kicks are of ultimate importance in Kick Boxing. In American Kick Boxing, opponents are allowed to hit each other with thier feet and fists, striking above the hip. Kicks are used both defnsively and offensively.

As you can imagine, in this game that is done primarily for kicks, there are plenty of varieties to the kick. Applying the kicks takes balance, flexibility and concentration. They also require sure footing and great kick boxing shoes or even boxing shoes is absolutely a must have.

One popular tehcnique is called the Front Kick. The object of this kick is to prevent an opponent off so a jab can be delivered. Generally the kick originates from the front leg and is done so by raising up the knee and with the ball of the foot, snapping the foot to make contact with the opponent. Though slower to carry out and not as powerful, this kick can also be done with the rear leg.

The Side Kick is a very powerful kick which is aimed at the target's ribs and sometimes even the head. This kick is delivered from the leading or back leg and is done standing sideways of the target so that the knee is raised to your chest and pointed to your opponent. The heel is then pushed forward then straightened until it makes contact and is rapidly retracted so that the oppenent doesn't grab it.

The Round Kick, or Roundhouse,is a pivot kick that whips around the area the opponent is guarding to deliver without much defense attempted. The kick starts off as the Front Kick, by lifting up the knee of your leading leg, then, as the knee reaches the highest point, you will rotate on the ball of your rear leg foot and turn your hips over. The forward leg then snaps toward the opponent. Point that back heel at the target for maximum hip power.

For kicks to the side of the head, you will want to use the Hook Kick. This technique is employed by starting out as in the Side Kick except you will aim the kicking foot to the outside of the target's head. Whip the heel back in an arc motion when the leg is extended and whop the target on the side of the head.

Yet another kick is the Axe Kick which goes for the top of the target's head or shoulders. It begins from the rear leg and the leg comes forward like a front kick and then goes completely straight all the way through the execution and is lifted straight up and brought down with as much force as possible so that the heel makes impact on the opponent.

I recommend the Adidas Kick Boxing Shoe because they are, in my opinion, the optimal shoe for delivering these wide variety of kicks and they are made of great quality and will last a long, long time.

Adidas was the brainchild of Mr. Adi Dassler, a humble German shoemaker who was an athlete as well. An innovator by nature, he set out to combine the two, althletics and shoemaking and vowed to make footware that would enhance any given athlete's performance. And...that he did!

The company of Adidas was officially founded in 1948 after he and his business partner who was also his brother split off. His brother started Puma which was a rival of the Adidas brand. Ironically, today both Adidas and Puma are based in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Adi put his plan into motion in the 1936 Summer Olympics with the sponsorship of U.S. sprinter Jesse Owens. The shoes sported spikes in the bottoms and were a huge success with Jesse winning four gold medals.


Mohamad Ali was another great sponsored by Adidas and many, many others were to follow like Wrestler Anthony Igne. Pro Boxer Antonio Diaz, Women's Boxing Super Bantamweight World Champion Kaliesha West, NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt and Basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, just to name a few.

Adidas is all in! That is the company slogan and it sums up the passion of the brand to strive for excellence and to keep improving. They have mastered the art of design when it comes to making a shoe that is lightweight yet able to endure through the toughest kick sessions, time and time again. You can find soles with great grip and also soles that are specially made for pivoting and many offer Clima-cool which offers optimal ventilation to keep your feet from getting sweaty and causing you to slide and fall.

High-tops, low-tops, no-tops...you name it, Adidas makes it. Their kick boxing shoes are available in a huge variety of colors and color combinations and styles that range from serious to fun and all points in between. They have great boxing shoes that double for kick boxing shoes. And if you still don't find any you like, Adidas now offers a line that allows you to design your own.

Adidas Box Rival II Boxing Shoe is both stylish and functional. The shoe is very light so it wont weigh you down and a full gum rubber bottom provides support and traction too.

The upper is constructed out of tough nylon honeycomb mesh so you know you are going to get your money's worth because this boxing boot will be lasting a long, long time.

Adidas is just plain stylish when it comes to athletic footwear. So, as usual, you're gonna love the way this shoe looks and feels.

Pictured at the top of the page is the Adidas Rival Tygun II A favorite for both Boxers and Kick Boxers, this Boxing boot is of European construction. Enhancing speed, power and condusive for precise pivots, this Adidas Kick Boxing Shoe has super sleek riveted gum rubber outsole with traction grooves. It also has black diamond nylon mesh combined with plush suede leather and synthetic accents and is about 10" in height for full ankle support and lightning fast speed. Furthermore, the mesh tongue is ultra light and the insole is fully padded.

A favorite for Martial Artists is the Adidas Adilux. They have very soft and comfortable leather construction with padded tongue and feature a break-though design in arch supports with rigid plastic back bone. The laceless design means no time is wasted tying shoes and are easy to get on and off in a hurry. The soft leather construction has a padded tongue for added comfort. A huge plus for Kick Boxers is the 2 pivot points which increase mobility when turning on a dime so I love these kick boxing shoes.

Another great Adidas Kick Boxing Shoe that works well for the art is the Adidas SM 11. The simple design allows natural movement of the foot and is constructed of genuine leather with an EVA midsole and a rubber outsole. It also has single lacing on the top.

Adidas is a name that is well known and trusted. Though the years, this company has stood behind it's products and strived to be bigger and better yet has held values and has excellent quanlity that lives up to the name.

If you want to get a good kick out of an excellent pair of shoes that wont leave you floored, remember..."Adidas is in". So when you want to put your best foot forward, Adidas Kick Boxing Shoes are certainly worth sizing up.

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