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Ultimate MMA Zine
March 05, 2012


Spring fever! It's contagious and I think we all have it. For those of us who've been taking it easy and hybernating a bit through the winter, it's time to spring into gear so we can get our game on!

So where do you start in getting back in tip-top shape? For improving your fighting skills, power, coordination and speed, the heavy bag is a must have. Whether you choose one that hangs from the ceiling or a free standing version, heavy bag training will get you fit quick.

Targets and Shields will greatly enhance your workout as well. Using a target is awesome for getting down your distancing and timing where a shield allow you to work on your kicks, punches and strikes and to safely train with an opponent. We carry all the top brands like Kwon, Century, Tigerclaw and Adidas.

Another great training program is Crossfit. Talk about results! You wont believe how the Crossfit program will deliver!

Get the most out of your training with lessons from the best of the best. Instructional DVDs offer valuable information needed to optimize your workouts.

As you pump it up and get your spring training program in gear, be sure to check out our store for top quality MMA products at rock bottom prices.

In our next MMA Ezine, we will bring you exciting updates from the up and coming UFC 145.

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